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Hose Management

When dedicating space in your facility to washing, it is important that efficiency, safety, and sustainability are all considered.  If a system is to be permanently installed, loose hose is neither efficient, safe, or viable…  By taking time to assess your process you can come up with the solution that is going to increase your productivity, improve the safety of your process, and save you money in replacement hoses and parts.  Consider any combination of the following options when you design your wash bay.

Hose management in a custom wash bay by hotsy iowa
1. Hose Reels

Hose reels allow for a longer length hose (up to 200”) and are the most common and versatile hose management solution. There are many types of reels to consider which include: mounting reels to the wall, on a pedestal secured to the floor, or directly to your pressure washer.

Hotsy Iowa hose management for custom wash bay design
2. Hose Booms

Hose booms are offer maximum efficiency for many applications. They allow a user to work around their equipment quickly and easily without having to adjust the house and pull lengths around tires and obstacles. Boom also maximize hose life as hoses are virtually impossible to run over.

Hotsy Iowa - Wash bay design hose management
3. Hose Trolleys

Hose trolleys are also highly efficient and optimal for multiple operator situations, large equipment applications (long pieces such as Semi-Trailers), or in situations where an overhead boom might not be applicable (high ceilings, interference with duct-work, etc.). Like booms, hose trolleys are efficient and save time and maintenance costs, but they are limited to a specific area for washing. Trolley’s often are accompanied by a hose reel to allow for added versatility in pressure washing applications.