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Chemical and Water Treatment

Chemicals are an important part of the wash bay system. In order to achieve the maximum efficiency of your labor effort, applying the right chemical is essential to speed the wash process and produce the best results. Also, sometimes the water you are running through your system can create issues for both your pressure washer and the final appearance of your equipment.

Hotsy Iowa chemical and water treatments with power washers
1. Chemical Applicators

There are two main methods of chemical application, high pressure and low pressure. A low pressure application is meant to be used as a pre-soak and should be applied to a dry surface as water can act as a barrier to your detergent working against the soil. A high pressure application gives your soap penetration power and can tackle some of the most stubborn of greases and oils. Depending on your chemical and application the ideal method can range from a foam cannon to pre-soak device, and needs to be considered when designing your system.

Hotsy - chemical and water treatment management in Iowa
2. Chemical Management

When it comes to chemicals and detergents, it can be difficult to avoid wasting product. Most chemicals come in a concentrated form and are meant to be cut with water to achieve the ideal properties for washing. Each product has a specified pH to which it is meant to be applied, however, this pH is affected by the amount and condition of the water with which it is being diluted. A chemical expert is needed to provide a proportioning system that ensures you consistent and effective detergent delivery system.

Hotsy Chemical and water treatment
3. Water Treatment

Often times, the condition of your water will limit the quality of your wash. The water we use, even in the best of areas, is full of dissolved solids and minerals. When you wash a vehicle or piece of equipment, the water will eventually evaporate from surfaces and leave these minerals behind showing a spotty haze that makes it look less than clean. Furthermore, these minerals can greatly affect the amount of soap you use and the longevity of your equipment. Water softeners can eliminate these issues for most users, as they will remove the calcium and magnesium from your system. If the water is bad enough, or a true “spot free rinse” is required, an RO system removes all dissolved solids from your water, giving the best possible results