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Bay Design

Designing a wash bay is an intricate process involving hundreds of decisions in pursuance of the ideal configuration to maximize productivity of both your workforce and capital equipment.  See the items below for things to consider when planning to construct your wash bay.

Hotsy Iowa wash bay design for power washers
1. Wash Pads

An inexpensive and effective way to maximize your space and minimize over spray is through the use of curtain walls which can quickly turn one wash area into two wash bays. Imagine a day where all trucks need to be washed or all equipment comes back dirty at the end of a project. Wash pads enable you to have multiple areas to wash equipment and allow room for equipment to dry simultaneously.

Hotsy Iowa | wash bay design drainage
2. Drainage

As with most things, your solution will be dependent on your individual needs and local regulations. It’s important to identify collection points and work with concrete contractors to ensure that there is an adequate pitch to facilitate flow to your designated watercourse. For more information as to what might be ideal for your application, contact Hotsy for consultation

Hotsy Iowa | wash bay design lighting
3. Lighting

A well lit area makes it easier to clean debris or soils off equipment. Overhead lights cast shadows which make it difficult to see the dirt and grime you’re trying to eliminate. Lights installed on sidewalls illuminate all surfaces, making the mess an easy target to clean.

Hotsy Iowa | wash bay design and moisture control
4. Moisture

Wash Bays can produce harsh environments. Hot water creates a consistent humid and moist environment, and cleaning chemicals can be hard on equipment and materials. To avoid mold/mildew and corrosion, take caution to contents, paints, accessories located in the wash bay area. Installing fans is a great way to keep the air moving throughout the wash bay area.

Hotsy Iowa | wash bay design and heating
5. Heating

For companies located in areas with harsh winters, heating the wash bay area should be considered. A high level of door activity and bringing in cold trucks and equipment will act as ice-cubes, dropping temperatures significantly. For this reason, a radiant or floor heat system is ideal.

Hotsy Iowa - Wash bay design for pressure washers
6. Equipment Allowance

Make sure there is a designated area for the equipment to go if it isn’t going to be located in a separate equipment room. Because of the harsh, moist, environment akin to most wash bays, it is best to protect the machine in a bay by raising it up above the level of overspray and protecting it with some kind of curtain or barrier.