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Accessories and Options

There are many tools available to make your pressure washer a diverse and effective machine in your facility.  If you find yourself spending too much time or effort doing any particular task, chances are there is an accessory that can save you big!

Hotsy Iowa | Pressure washer attachments for sale
1. Washer Attachments

Many accessories power washer parts can be quick-coupled onto your washer hose to increase speed or clean hard to reach areas. Undercarriage cleaners can be used to wash off aggressive salt and brine from the chassis of vehicles. Surface cleaners can be attached to quickly wash concrete and shop floors without leaving being stripes from areas you missed. These are just two of dozens of attachments which may be ideal for your application!

Hotsy pressure washer parts and accessories
2. Specialty Nozzles

The nozzle of a power washer is a small but important piece of the power washer. Finding the nozzle that fits the bulk of your washing needs is important. From nozzles that can be used to apply low-pressure soap, to turbo nozzles that can chisel away at the toughest of caked-on mud and grease. The right nozzle needs to be applied to make your dirty problem disappear.

Hotsy pressure washer accessories wash bay design
3. In Bay Accessories

Having the right tools stored in your wash bay to easily use in your process is essential to run an efficient and effective wash bay system. Brushes, mat clamps, squeegees, and vacuums are some commonly installed items in many wash bays.