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Scheduled Maintenance Program

Introducing Hotsy’s Scheduled Maintenance Program

Hotsy’s new Scheduled Maintenance Program is the ideal solution for anyone who faces serious cleaning challenges in their home or workplace. Our world-class equipment is now backed by an upgraded maintenance plan designed to minimize downtime and save you money

Reasons to Become a Member:

  • Safety — Units that are operated with marginal hoses, safety valves and pressure unloaders can become safety hazards if not maintained routinely.

  • Prevention — Owners who operate their equipment continuously, without maintenance, have an increased chance to experience mechanical trouble.

  • Performance — Due to poor maintenance, many machines slowly decrease in pressure over time. This adds labor hours to do your cleaning jobs and steals time from your day.

Member Advantages:

  • Hotsy’s Scheduled Maintenance Program ensures that your machine is thoroughly checked and tested by a certified service technician to address any issues that have come up.

  • Your personal technician will perform Hotsy’s patented 24-point inspection before recommending any repairs. If necessary you can:

    • Purchase parts from Hotsy and have your personnel complete the work

    • Request a Hotsy mechanic to perform work on location

    • Request a Hotsy mechanic to perform work next visit

Member Benefits:

  • Courtesy visits every 1–2 months by a Hotsy Customer Service Representative to check the status of your system and monitor detergent levels.

  • Free on-site operator training and process consultation for the life of the agreement.

  • Free bulk storage container provided with metered system to prevent wasted chemicals with purchase of qualified Hotsy detergents.

  • Flexible terms for easy equipment upgrades.


Ask your Customer Service Representative for Scheduled Maintenance package investments.


Want to sign up for Hotsy’s Scheduled Maintenance Program? Fill out the contact form or call today! If you have an immediate problem with your pressure washer and need maintenance as soon as possible, contact our service center for 24 hour customer service.

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