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Scheduled Maintenance Program

We Offer Pressure Washer Tune-Ups & Scheduled Maintenance Programs

Your pressure washer needs regular attention in order to run effectively. Our maintenance programs will keep your machine running strong and help detect problems before they happen. Hotsy Cleaning Systems offers a 24-point tune-up with factory trained technicians checking your washer from top to bottom, replacing any worn parts and making sure your pressure washer is prepared to take on any cleaning job. Contact us to schedule a tune-up or set up a maintenance plan. On-site service is available. Protect your investment!

Benefits of regular tune-ups

  • Prolongs the life of your machine
  • Makes it run more efficiently
  • Helps resale value
  • Saves your machine from unexpected down-time

Want to sign up for Hotsy’s Scheduled Maintenance Program? Fill out the contact form or call today! If you have an immediate problem with your pressure washer and need maintenance as soon as possible, contact our service center for 24 hour customer service.

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