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Customer Service Program

Hotsy’s Customer Service Program in Iowa

Show your pressure washer some love and sign up for first-class treatment from one of our industry experts. Hotsy’s Customer Service Program is how we treat our customers better than all others in the industry. Each Hotsy owner is assigned a Customer Service Representative (according to geographic location– see map at bottom) who will make regular stops on customers to ensure they’re using their equipment to its fullest capacity and watch out for any maintenance issues that may lead to costly downtime. This is a service provided FREE OF CHARGE to our customers. We believe that you shouldn’t have to be a pressure washer expert just because you own one… You need to be focused on the things that earn you a living and know that you can count on the tools you need to do so. So let us worry about the pressure washer maintenance and start loving your Hotsy Power Washer today!

On their first visit, our customer service rep (CSR) will assess the overall condition of the equipment, test the quality of your water and chemicals, and learn as much about your industry and particular cleaning needs. After they know all that they need to cater to your individual application, they will make recommendations that could save you time and money such as:

Washing techniques– Making sure you’re using the equipment properly

Pressure washer care– Catching minor service items before they snowball into costly repairs  

Time/labor saving accessories– Ensuring you have the right pieces to get the biggest jobs done efficiently

Operator Training– Providing instructions to your employees to make sure they’re working effectively and not harming your equipment  

Detergents– Finding the right chemical to match your needs, and making sure you’re not using too much!  

Water analysis– Thoroughly testing your water to ensure you’ll be able to accomplish your goals; Washing with water that isn’t clean can cause an uphill battle.

And much more– Our customer service reps are there to make sure you love your washer!

After their initial visit, our Customer Service Representatives will continue to make regular stops (the intervals will be determined and agreed upon between you and your Representative) to monitor detergent levels and usage, train new personnel, keep an eye on maintenance issues and log service records, and consult with you on any difficult cleaning situations you may come across.

If you have a Hotsy Power Washer and are within our service area (see map below) just contact us via phone, fax, e-mail, snail-mail, or you could just click below!