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Pressure Washer Parts

Hose reels

Hose reels can hold up to 200 feet of hose that can be mounted to a wall or directly to a pressure washer for portable applications. Hotsy’s hose reels keep your hose from getting dirty, tangled, and run over when they’re left lying on the ground. Backed by a two-year warranty, the hose reels come fully assembled and can be quickly installed by your Iowa Hotsy dealer.

Telescoping Wands

Wands are used for high and hard-to-reach cleaning areas. The telescoping wands are easily adjustable and eliminate the need for accident-prone ladders and scaffolding. Hotsy’s telescoping wands are available in various lengths. Our 224-foot model can easily wash a two-story building from the ground; just connect the telescoping wand to the pressure washer, extend to your desired length, and be sure to tighten the lock collar before use. Contact Hotsy Iowa for a free product demonstration and pricing options.

Other pressure washer parts include:

  • Pressure Washer Attachments
  • Hotsy Water Softener
  • Guns and Wands
  • Couplers Fitters and Filters
  • Nozzles
  • Pump and Pump Kits
  • Unloaders
  • Engines, Motors, and Parts
  • Burners and Coils Electrical Components

View our pressure washer parts listed in our catalog and contact your local Hotsy representative to order a part to enhance the performance of your pressure washer.

You can order or inquire about power washer parts by calling us at 800-798-8800 or contacting the customer service representative in your area. Click your highlighted area below to view your representative’s contact information.