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Pressure Washer Detergent

Hotsy Pressure Washer Detergent Reduces Labor Costs

Hotsy detergents are heavily concentrated with plenty of cleaning power built in. With only five gallons of Hotsy Detergent, you can make up 600 gallons of cleaning solution. They are designed to blend with water in ratios up to 150 parts of water to 1 part of detergent. Compare that with economy brands and you’ll see by using Hotsy detergents metered at higher dilution ratios, you get more bang for your buck and better wash results – all while saving on labor costs.

Detergent Delivered Right to your Door

Ask about our convenient pressure washer detergent filling program so you don’t have to worry about running out of soap. This is a great program for businesses that use a lot of detergent for their pressure washer. Whether you use detergent drums or large size bulk tanks, we will set up a detergent delivery plan to best meet your needs, delivered store to door.

Types of Hotsy Pressure Detergents

All Purpose Cleaners

Hotsy All Purpose Detergents are chosen because of their ability to clean effectively in a number of different applications. Industrial-strength, these all-purpose detergents are concentrated to go a long way.

Transportation & Vehicle Cleaners

Hotsy Transportation Detergents are specially formulated for use on cars, trucks and heavy equipment of all types.

Transportation Specialty Detergents

Hotsy offers Specialty Transportation cleaners that designed for more specific cleaning application within the transportation industry. Examples included aluminum brighteners and other products to produce attractive finishes, and keep dirt from adhering to surfaces.

Pressure Washer  Degreasers

Hotsy Degreasers are popular for removing caked-on grease and grime from a variety of surface, including restaurants, floors, automotive shops and more.

Specialty Cleaners

Hotsy Specialty Detergents cover a wide assortment of needs- from paint stripping to recycle systems to coil conditioners. Depending on what you’re cleaning, there’s bound to be a specialty product in the Hotsy detergent line.

Institution and Food Preparation

Among Hotsy’s wide variety of cleaning detergents are a select few designed exclusively for use in food preparation, food manufacturing, and institutional cleaning. Containing additives that are highly effective against baked on carbon, grease, and oils, Hotsy detergents are easy to use and are cost affordable.

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