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Pressure Washer Accessories

Hotsy Pressure Washer accessories are great for faster, more efficient cleaning. Some of the most common Hotsy accessories include:

Flat surface cleaners

These cleaners are designed for use with most hot and cold water pressure washers to remove algae, moss dirt, oil, and grease from sidewalks, driveways, pools, loading docks, parking garages, and more. Attaching a Hotsy flat surface cleaner to your pressure washer can allow for cleaning in one-third the time of conventional washing methods, greatly reducing your labor cost.

Turbo nozzles

These nozzles can be used to increase cleaning power when removing heavy, caked on soils and tough build-up on construction and farming equipment. It can also be used to remove loose and scaling paint on houses and building exteriors before repainting. Turbo nozzles were designed for commercial and industrial use.

Pressure washer attachments

There is no doubt that the proper accessories for your pressure washer will speed up your cleaning process. For example, the rotary surface cleaner is great for flat surfaces like sidewalks, driveways, or parking lots. This pressure washer attachment can clean a wider path and eliminate zebra striping while reducing labor, fuel and water. View the Pressure Washer Attachment Catalog or call us today to learn about the different pressure washer attachments we have to offer.

Guns and wands

View our line of high-pressure trigger guns. With over 30 varieties of PSI and styles, we’re sure you’ll find what you are looking for. We also carry an assortment of wands. Don’t take chances teetering high on a ladder if you’re cleaning two story buildings or structures. Instead, consider our telescoping wand that reaches up to 24 feet. Using the proper accessories means you will clean quicker and more efficiently.

Hoses and hose reels

Hotsy offers over 100 different types of replacement hoses providing more durability to handle high pressure. You don’t need to trade strength for flexibility, Hotsy Iowa has hoses that give you both. Most hoses are available in four different lengths, so if you need a longer hose, choose one that best meets your needs.

We also carry a nice selection of hose reels, which conveniently attach to your pressure washer to keep the hose conveniently stored, while allowing the hose to pivot or rotate easily on the pressure washer. Hose reels also keep the hose up off the ground, preventing it from getting tangled or dirty.

You can order or inquire about power washer parts by calling us at 800-798-8800 or contacting the customer service representative in your area. Click your highlighted area below to view your representative’s contact information.