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The Hotsy Advantage

With so many competing pressure washer brands, deciding which one you need is often overwhelming. If you’re going to invest in a pressure washer, you want it to last.

Hotsy is a clear choice. At first glance you will see that these are rugged industrial-grade pressure washers designed for everyday use. Our products are the workhorses of pressure washers; we offer quality pressure washer equipment built for long-lasting performance.

Hotsy pressure washers are the right choice and here’s why:

Excellent customer service and assistance

When you buy a Hotsy, you begin a relationship with us at Hotsy Cleaning Systems. No one knows cleaning better than the Hotsy team! You gain access to over 200 years of knowledge and experience. Hotsy offers on-site training and assistance on any day of the week at any time. Learn more about our free consultation services.

Durable pressure washers

Hotsy products are known for their longevity. The trade-in values are known to be the nation’s best because our pressure washers are built better and last longer. We spend long days and nights refining our pressure washers with the latest industry innovations because we want Hotsy to be the name of when you buy a pressure washer.

Financing for your pressure washer

Hotsy offers financing programs for qualified buyers. All Hotsy representatives are knowledgeable on our finance programs. Call us at any time for more details about financing your pressure washer.

Discover the quality and durability of Hotsy pressure washers.

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