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Hotsy Can Keep Your Fleet Vehicles Running this Winter

by Hotsy
on January 21, 2019

If you have fleet vehicles, no matter your industry, keeping them clean and running properly in winter is important. Removing salt and sand will allow your vehicles to perform at their best while also increasing the longevity of their road time. On top of that, having clean vehicles gives customers the best impression of your business. To maximize the potential of your fleet vehicles, here are some Hotsy Hot Tips on how pressure washing can help.

How Salt Can Harm your Vehicles

Salt on the roads protect us while driving, but can damage your fleet vehicles over time. The metal parts and components come in contact with the salt and precipitation, which can cause rust. Constant contact with these elements can cause metal to rust and cause issues with the metal parts of your vehicles. Hotsy pressure washers can remove road salt during the winter months.

Pressure Wash Fleet Vehicles Often

Taking time to regularly pressure wash your fleet vehicles will remove the road salt. This will decrease the likelihood of rust, damaged parts, and faulty equipment. If possible, do this inside a garage where the vehicles won’t freeze, where you can do it safely, and dry them after. With Hotsy pressure washers, completing this is quick and easy.

Meeting Your Fleet Vehicle Needs

We understand that some fleet vehicles are bigger than others and come with unique features. We offer a Telescoping Lance that allows for greater reach without sacrificing control or your safety. The X Jet Long Range Nozzle allows for you to cover a greater surface area with ease by offering visibility of an entire fleet vehicle. The Turbo Nozzle offers a zero degree stream which increases its ability to clean thoroughly on the toughest jobs.

Ease Of Usage For Pressure Washing

Hotsy hose reels can handle up to 5,000 lbs of per inch of pressure, making them perfect for jobs of all sizes. You can also run 325 degrees of hot water through a Hotsy hose with ease, providing the heat needed to knock off the stickiest of substances. This allows you to pressure wash your fleet vehicles and keep them rust free. Depending on your needs, the Hotsy hose reel comes in two different styles:

  • 360 degree pivot reel
  • Fixed base

Each reel can handle 100 or 200 feet of hose. We believe in providing high quality equipment, which is why the Hotsy hose reel comes with a guaranteed two year warranty. The Hotsy reel can protect your hose and extend its life. Keeping your pressure washer organized decreases the chance of injury and increases ability to get your fleet vehicles cleaned quickly. You have the option to mount the Hotsy hose reel to the pressure washer itself, the floor, or a wall; depending on your needs.

If are looking to make the most of your commercial fleet vehicles, we have the tools and detergents necessary to keep your vehicles up and running all winter long. Contact your local Hotsy dealer with any questions, or to get the Telescoping Lance, X Jet Long Range Nozzle, Turbo Nozzle, or hose reel. Watch the Hotsy pressure washers in action.