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Importance Of Regularly Pressure Washing Construction Equipment

by Hotsy
on November 19, 2018

The lifespan and efficiency of your equipment won’t always be guaranteed, but broken machinery due to unclean conditions is unnecessary and completely preventable. Pressure washing your equipment increases its longevity, while also ensuring it performs to its potential while on a job site. Read on to learn about the benefits of regularly pressure washing your heavy machinery.

Increase the Life of Your Equipment

Heavy construction machinery is a costly investment for any business, so maximizing its lifespan can allow you to make sure your payment was worth it. One important factor that reduces the overall lifetime of a machine is overheating. Pieces of dirt, sticks, and other debris that become attached to equipment can cause overheating, which can ruin a machine. Overheated equipment can potentially quit mid-operation and even break down completely due to mud and grease caked onto various pieces of the machine. A pressure washer is able to quickly remove grime, grease, and mud protecting your investment and saving you costly time compared to other methods of equipment washing.

Protect Your Machinery and Employees

Equipment that is not regularly examined and cleaned becomes a hazard to not only itself but the operators and work crews that interact with it. Mud, oil, and other substances equipment can come in contact with can add weight onto parts of the machine or become slippery, potentially causing injuries due to falls. Making sure your surfaces are safe and clean, prevents grime buildup near dangerous voltage areas and protects your employees so that they can feel peace of mind while doing their job.

Reveal and Repair Cosmetic Issues

Cleaning off chunks of mud and grease can uncover rust spots, cracks, or leaks that may have been covered up before. While they may be minor cosmetic issues now, they could potentially develop into large problems that may result in costly repairs or in the machine being completely out of use. Businesses can work proactively to fix small problems before they grow.

Leave a Good Impression With Your Clients and Community

Just like you expect your employees to present themselves as polished and professional, your equipment should be able to speak to your values and reputation. Regularly pressure washing your machines proves to your clients and individuals in your community that you strive to protect your employees and place importance on making sure your machines are in their best condition and presentable to the public. You can feel pride in knowing your fleet of construction equipment positively reflects how you operate your business.

Tips for Efficiently Pressure Washing Machines

Some soap and a sponge may be able to temporarily wipe off dirt on your machine, but if you are looking for a way to deep clean your machine and make sure it runs properly, pressure washing is the best method. While it may seem like a daunting and hazardous task at first, if given the right tools, any construction business owner can safely and effectively pressure wash their equipment.

It’s important to first find a pressure washer with the right PSI (pound-force per square inch) for the machines you will be using it on. Next, either hire an experienced pressure washer or train your employees on the correct pressure washing methods. Without proper knowledge, employees could potentially injure themselves or hurt the machinery. As for the process of cleaning the machinery, disassemble removable pieces to clean off dirt and debris as much as possible, stand far enough away that the rebound water does not splash you, and spray the gun from the top of the machine down. Once the washing is complete, let the parts dry before attaching them back onto the machine.

For more helpful tips, user manuals, and even video tutorials, visit Hotsy Iowa’s resources.

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