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Fall Pressure Washing Projects

by Hotsy
on October 17, 2018

After a warm summer full of barbecues, nights on your patio and enjoying your yard, the exterior of your home could use some sprucing up. Plus, cooler weather is back, which means winter is (unfortunately) just around the corner. Cleaning up your house’s exterior before winter hits can make spring cleaning much easier. If you’re proactive this fall, you’ll thank yourself later.

Cleaning Gutters and Soffits

Take a look around the perimeter of your home, paying close attention to the soffits, gutters, and fascia. You’ll probably see dirt, leaves, and spider webs strung out across the foundation and beyond. A pressure washer can help blast away all of that gunk quickly and easily. You’d be surprised at how much of an improvement it can make to the aesthetic of your home while also helping preventing dirt and mold build up.

Power Washing the Deck

If your deck is over a year old, chances are that it is looking a little less than pristine. One of the most transformative things you can do for your patio or deck is to pressure wash it. Summer weather can be rough on decks and you might notice a dirty or greenish coloring that has appeared over time. That can be pretty quickly removed with the right pressure washing treatment—without having to scrub! Hotsy pressure washers have the power and durability to get any size deck cleaned off.

Prepping Your Mower for Winter

When you own your own home, it’s likely you also own a lawn mower, a shrub trimmer, leaf blower, weed eater, or any other lawn equipment. Throughout the summer, those machines have accumulated quite a bit of grass trimmings and dirt. Before you put them away for the winter, clean them off with a power washer. Doing this can help avoid rust build up and ultimately add to the life of these machines. You’ll be glad you did when you pull them out of storage in the spring!

Pressure Washing Your Windows and Screens

Your windows and screens pick up a ton of dust and dirt during the summer, even if you’re regularly washing them. Before winter arrives, it’s a great idea to take a pressure washer to them to make sure you knock out all of the gunk from around the edges and make sure your windows are clear before it’s too cold to clean them. This way, when the snow begins to fall, you’re able to enjoy the beauty of it instead of being annoyed with a bunch of smudges all over your windows.

Reap the Benefits of Power Washing a Home

Aside from improving the curb appeal immediately (which is even better if you’re trying to sell your home), pressure washing your home’s exterior can actually lead to health benefits. When a home is covered in mold and mildew, the problem can grow quickly. You don’t want that around your family and it certainly isn’t helping your fall allergies. By simply pressure washing this gunk off of your home, you can stop the problem in its tracks. This can also lead to savings down the line, because it’s harder for decay to happen to your home when it’s been properly maintained.

Pressure Washers from Hotsy Iowa

Whether you’d looking for hot or cold water pressure washers, we have a full line available. We’re ready to help you choose the right pressure washer, pressure washer parts, and detergent for your needs. Give us a call today to get started!