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How To Pressure Wash Your House

by Hotsy
on September 26, 2018

Pressure washing is often a job for a professional, but if you are up for the challenge of doing it yourself and have power washing experience, you need to be prepared and practice safety precautions. Follow this step-by-step guide to ensure you have the right materials, skills, and strategy to go about cleaning your home’s exterior.

Materials Needed to Pressure Wash Your House

  1. Gas vs. Electric-Powered Pressure Washer

Though it is possible to accomplish the feat of pressure washing your entire house with an electric pressure washer, a heavy-duty, gas-powered machine will cut your time immensely. It’s best to analyze the size of your house and figure out which model would serve best. If you need assistance in doing so, feel free to contact a Hotsy representative for consultation!

  1. The Correct PSI and GPM Pressure Washer Settings

Be sure your pressure washer is set up correctly to best accomplish the job. Consult a professional or your owner’s manual for tips on this. Look for a power washer that is at least 2.3 GPM.

  1. The Best Nozzle for the Power Washing Job

To pressure wash the siding on your house, you’ll need a soaping nozzle, an angled nozzle, and an optional wand extender for increased reach. You can view all of the pressure washer parts and accessories we have available on our website.

  1. Effective Power Washing Detergent

If you are going through the effort to end up with a sparkling clean housing exterior, not using detergent is out of the question. Hotsy sells a variety of detergents–view our selection here.

Safety Precautions for Pressure Washing Your House

  1. Eye Protection

This is a no-brainer. Protect your eyes from severe, permanent damage from high-pressure power washes.

  1. Do Not Use Ladders to Pressure Wash

Although it may seem tempting to better reach high points on your siding, using a ladder while completing a pressure-washing job can result in serious injury or death. As an alternative, utilize a wand extension.

  1. Clear Surrounding Area

Clear your yard and driveway of anything you may not see while power-washing that could pose as a trip hazard.

  1. Electrocution Hazards

Be wary of any power lines connected to your house, and be very careful not to touch the power washing nozzle to any of these lines during your project.

  1. Be Aware of the Presence of Lead Paint

If your home was built before 1978, you may shake lead paint particles lose during your washing job. Call a professional for a lead inspection before you begin.

Steps to Power Wash Your Home

After acquiring the proper materials and taking steps to safely pressure-wash your house, you can begin the work! Follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose a day with low wind and no rain.
  2. Cover outlets, windows, and doors.
  3. Trim shrubs that are touching your home for easier access.
  4. Wet any shrubs down to prevent absorption of detergent.
  5. Hook pressure washer up to a water source.
  6. Put siphon tube into soap solution and attach the soaping nozzle.
  7. Spray detergent starting from the bottom and going up, avoiding direct sunlight.
  8. Apply soap from bottom up.
  9. Rinse from the top down.