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Increase Foot Traffic at Your Business by Pressure Washing

by Hotsy
on August 15, 2018

Your storefront is often the first impression you make as a business. When it’s dirty or there’s paint stripping off of it, customers are less likely to trust your expertise. In fact, they’re less likely to even look twice. There are a few things you should think about keeping clean when it comes to your company’s storefront and a pressure washer can help.

Power Wash Your Sidewalk

When the path to your business is covered in dirt, moss, or grime, it can unsightly. Unfortunately, they can also be lawsuits waiting to happen. Commercial insurance companies pay out billions of dollars each year in slip and fall accidents. It’s harder to defend yourself if the sidewalk or steps on your property were covered in gunk at the time of the incident. Taking a pressure washer to them when you notice the gunk start to form is the easiest way to avoid problems down the line.

Keeping Dumpsters Smelling Better

No one wants to drive to a business, park their car, get out, and smell hot garbage. Especially when rinsing dumpster pads is so simple. This is the block or area of concrete where your dumpster sits. Liquids often find their way out of the dumpsters and when they do, that pad can quickly become pretty gross. Power washing the dumpster pad can emulsify that grime and wash it away, leaving your business smelling much fresher.

Clean Your Storefront

When you’re dealing with wood siding, you could be dealing with dirt and/or in need of a new paint job. It’s never pretty when the paint starts to crack and strip away, which is why it’s important to save yourself the back-breaking labor of manually stripping the grime or paint off and just investing in a pressure washer. The same goes with brick, because dirt loves to live in those little crevices. A fresh power wash each year can keep it looking clean and new.

Preparing Your Business for Fall

Before the leaves start to turn, you’ll probably notice more spiderwebs around the exterior of your business. If getting up on a ladder and knocking them down by hand doesn’t sound like fun (it most certainly doesn’t), a power washer could do the work for you. Plus, you’ll be able to rinse out any residual webs and gunk from around your gutters while you’re at it.

Invest in a Pressure Washer

By putting your storefront’s best face forward, you show customers and potential customers that you care about your business. To customers, that translates into the fact that you care about the product or service that you offer and will treat them right. Plus, keeping your brick and mortar looking fresh and inviting with pressure washers is easy (and fun). Find the best pressure washer fit for you and your needs by contacting us today.