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How to Power Wash Your Pool

by Hotsy
on July 10, 2018

How to Power Wash Your Plaster, Exposed Aggregate, Or Concrete Pool

It may seem obvious to clean and remove grass and floating debris from your pool caused by multiple trips to and from the picnic table this summer. What’s not as obvious is the need to power wash and clean the sides and floor of your pool after buildup of dirt and grime accumulates for the same reasons.

Though sometimes not as visible to the naked eye, buildup of algae, dirt, and other bacteria can leave the sides of your pool dirty and slimy. Hotsy power washers are the perfect DIY solution to a clean and spot-free pool to relax in all summer.

1 ) Drain & Dry Your Pool

The first step in performing a thorough cleaning job on your pool is to drain the pool and allow ample time for the pool to dry out before beginning the power washing process. A dry surface allows you to sweep and remove loose debris before re-wetting the surfaces, causing loose debris to only rearrange itself inside your backyard paradise. Why spend time on your power washing job if you will still be left with loose debris at the end or the process?

2) Cover & Protect Fragile Components

Before using a power washer on your plaster, exposed aggregate, or concrete pool surfaces, you will also want to remove any aspects of the pool system that are unable to handle or withstand high-pressure washing. Take extra care to sufficiently cover and protect any electrics including pump motors, heaters, and stereos.

3) Power Wash The Pool Walls

Prepare your pressure washer with the proper ratio of pressure washer detergent to water. Hotsy pressure washer detergents give you the best dilution ratios–giving you the most efficient power washing system on the market.

Once you have prepared your power washing system with the specified ratio of detergent to water, you can begin the pressure washing process and restore your pool to the relaxing summer paradise you designed it to be. Setting your power washer on high-pressure, start with the walls and wash from the bottom-up. Make your way around the entire pool, going over spots as many times as needed to remove dirt.

4) Rinse & Flush Residue

To completely eliminate detergent and residue from the high pressure power wash, set your system on low pressure, and rinse the entirety of the pool to complete the power washing job. After this is done, your pool is ready to be refilled and enjoyed for your summer barbeques.