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Most Common Uses for Pressure Washers in Iowa

by Hotsy
on June 19, 2018

Summers in Iowa can bring a lot of rain, which can kick a lot of mud and gunk up onto your home, over your sidewalks and onto your driveway. You’ll notice dust and water spots on your windows, and you’ll start seeing the buildup on outdoor equipment, and more. This can negatively affect your curb appeal and, let’s face it, no one wants to have their friends and family over for a cookout when their deck is dirty. However, a pressure washer can take care of all of this with minimal effort. Let’s look at some of the household projects Des Moines residents most commonly tackle with their power washers.

Washing Windows and Siding

Before power washing windows, take a look at them to make sure the caulking isn’t damaged and there are no cracks. If there’s already damage, the pressure from the water could cause more problems. Next, decide whether you’ll need to add detergent to the power washer. Depending on the level of clean you want to reach, this may or may not be necessary. When you’re power washing windows, remember to start with the upper windows (if your home is a two-story) and wash from the top down. This allows the dirt and grime to run downward. A telescoping wand attachment for your pressure washer can be incredibly helpful for reaching those difficult-to-reach areas.

Scrubbing Sidewalks and Driveways

Dirt can really bring down your curb appeal. Whether you’re thinking of selling soon or staying a while and simply take pride in ownership, a quick power washing of your sidewalk and driveway can go a long way. This includes front steps! The driveway, sidewalk, and any steps (or stepping stones) on your property are often the first impression guests have of your home. Clean them up and see the difference!


Cleaning Decks, Patios, and Patio Furniture

Nothing beats a summer evening in Iowa on your deck, lounging on your patio furniture, hanging out with friends. Unfortunately, a night outside can be ruined by unsightly patio furniture and a deck packed with dirt. Taking a pressure washer to your outdoor space, including furniture, can be a quick way to spruce up your yard. Remember to place any patio furniture on a flat surface, away from your house, so that the dirt doesn’t end up on your home. Your hardscaping (brick patio) or deck (vinyl or wood) can also be easily cleaned with a power washer. Simply choose a spot to start and fan out from there. It’s a good idea to do this at least twice a year: at the beginning of patio season and the end. When washing patios and decks, a nozzle at 25-45 degrees is super-helpful, because it allows you to hold the sprayer at a more comfortable angle.

Rinsing Fencing

Whether your fence is wooden or vinyl, it can get dirty. However, you’ll likely see a much more noticeable difference between a grimey and clean fence after a power wash. A pressure washer can save a lot of elbow grease

Washing Mowers, Cars, Trailers, and More

Don’t forget the vehicles and lawn equipment when power washing! Whether it’s a push or riding mower, the dirt and grass buildup happens. A quick power washing can blast through that grime fast! The same goes for weed eaters, trailers, boats, bikes and vehicles. In fact, many owners of pressure washers find it relaxing to clean their cars in their own driveway and when you’re holding the power washer wand, you can control the flow and aim. This means your car is going to get cleaner than it would at an automated car wash.


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