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by Charlie
on August 25, 2017

The Value of Clean

Do you own or manage capital equipment and facilities that must be any of the following?

  • On the road
  • On the job site
  • Up and running in your facility

Then your biggest headache and profit sinkhole is DOWNTIME and the productivity of your employees. Believe it or not, dirt, grime, grease and sloppiness are expenses that suck the profits from your operation because they reduce the productivity of the huge investment you have made in your people.

The best solution: CLEAN

Believe it or not, CLEAN is a profit generator. CLEAN keeps your equipment and facilities working efficiently; therefore, your employees will be more productive. And improving productivity is the biggest lever you have for improving profit.

Everything starts with CLEAN.

  • Safety
  • Operator pride and care-taking
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Company pride
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Cutting waste (time, downtime, labor, defects, etc.)

The old owner of the tire store who sold and serviced everything from passenger cars to over-the road trucks and trailers and off-road construction equipment was asked for his best advice to prolong the life of tires.

His answer was simple: Wash your vehicle everyday

His reasoning — if we drive a clean vehicle, we just drive more carefully. We ease out of the driveway, we don’t follow too close, as we don’t want to get splashed on. We take it easy on unpaved roads and crossing railroad trestles. We drive slower and avoid potholes. We also bring the car in for service, change the oil on schedule, rotate the tires, etc.

However, the same driver in a dirty car will drive faster, hit potholes, take on gravel roads, start and stop faster — generally abuse the machine.

That old tire man was right. And, when asked by our clients how to improve profitability and reduce downtime, we strongly recommend that it starts with:


Fact: In a clean operation, the equipment lasts longer and there is less downtime for repair or replacement, thus production and productivity are maximized. In addition, a clean operation is safer, enhances morale and is hassled less by regulatory agencies.

The best preventive maintenance programs all start with CLEAN.

Experts on operational efficiency agree — preventive maintenance reduces downtime, increases productivity and increases profits. They all agree it starts with CLEAN.

Is detailed cleaning of equipment done well?

Test: Take a walk in your lot, plant and/or around your equipment and visually check the cleanliness and condition of the equipment.

Best Practice: Detailed cleaning of equipment is done consistently. Dirty areas are redesigned to protect equipment from contamination.

For example, a clean hydraulic unit can be inspected for leaks in about 10 seconds by taking a quick look at the pan underneath the unit (Fig. 4). A dirty hydraulic unit would take 20-30 minutes to check for leaks.

Test: Do you have a consistent, effective inspection of your vehicles?

Best Practice: Vehicles should be power washed at the minimum of once a week. A wash is a chance to visually inspect the truck and trailer because you point your eyes wherever you aim the spray nozzle. As you clean, you focus and see things that normally are covered with dirt and grime.

What can Hotsy do for you?

We own CLEAN, and we understand and leverage the power of clean in our own operations. We understand the biggest lever for increased profitability is increased labor productivity. We are experts on cleaning systems and Preventative Maintenance programs for every business that depends on their capital plant and equipment to generate revenue. Ensuring your cleaning systems are the most effective, efficient, and maintained at that level year-round will help you increase the productivity of your operation and thus the profits, all through the benefits of CLEAN.

  • Improved safety
  • Increased operator pride
  • Improved preventive maintenance programs
  • Increased company morale
  • Reduced waste — scrap, time and idle equipment/workers

We don’t just sell pressure washers, we own CLEAN and the knowledge, systems, supplies and, most of all, service to ensure your cleaning system always works at peak performance so CLEAN can generate profits for you.

The Value of Clean